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July 28th communique posted...


 TUATARA new album "Underworld" August 4th

& video




TUATARA, the renowned instrumental supergroup featuring members of REM, Pearl Jam, Screaming Trees, and Luna, are releasing  their first album in almost 7 years. The new album, titled "Underworld", will be released on August 4th 2014, via Barrett Martin’s label, Sunyata Records.

It is an ambitious 20-song double album produced by drummer & group founder Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees, Mad Season, Walking Papers), and mixed by Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Screaming Trees). 


"Underworld" is an album that plays more like a modern movie soundtrack, steeped in electronic moods and urban beats, hypnotic bass and guitar, virtuosic saxophone, and shimmering percussion. The album features all five original members: Drummer Barrett Martin, REM guitarist Peter Buck, Luna bassist Justin Harwood, tenor sax legend Skerik, and Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready. 


Like the soundtrack for a movie that has yet to be made, this album is about a journey into the Underworld, the mythical abode of the dead, a place of departed souls and wandering spirits, where deities and demigods battle with shamans and medicine men for spiritual supremacy. It is the realm of shades, a world of shadows and echoes, and that is where our story takes place. It's also where the most interesting stuff happens....


Here is a video for the song  “She Dreams Of Snow” which has been used for a new short film from underwater filmmaker Drew Alston.


Drew is a contributor to Google Ocean, and he uses the Tuatara song  for his short film about ocean conservancy. His film, “Save Your Planet Everyday", was recently  debuted  at the Reef Renaissance Film Festival on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands.



Tuatara history 

Led by Martin, Tuatara came together in 1996 with the initial idea of making music "that sounded like a film that had never been made." The result was 1997's groundbreaking debut, Breaking The Ethers, followed by ‘98's Trading With The Enemy, 2001's Cinemathique, ‘03's The Loading Program, ‘06's East of the Sun, West of the Moon, and ‘08's The Here and The Gone with Coleman Barks.

Carrying on a musical tradition influenced by late ‘60s experiments in jazz and rock, Tuatara blends a mixture of electronic sounds, exotic percussion, progressive beats, film score soundscapes and sublime compositions to thrilling effect. Soundtrack-wise, the vehicles featuring Tuatara music have been as wide-ranging as the songs themselves, including the hit HBO show "Sex & The City" ("25th & 6th) and the theme song for NPR's "All Things Considered" ("Dark State of Mind").

The band have continued to evolve over the years, using a revolving cast of players on each album that's included DJ Logic, DJ Spooky, Michael Franti, Mark Eitzel, John Wesley Harding, Gary Louris and Mark Olson of the Jayhawks, Steve Berlin from Los Lobos, Scott McCaughey, Victoria Williams, Jessy Greene and renowned Sufi poet Coleman Barks.

‘Underworld’ Track listing 

01 Calling The Spirits.

02 Ghosts Of The City.

03 Dueling Shamans.

04 Streetwalkin’.

05 The Spider Pimp.

06 She Dreams Of Snow.

07 Gremlin Chain Gang.

08 The Hard Swing.

09 Even Demons Fall In Love. 

10 Enchantment. 

11 Descension. 

12 At The Crossroads.

13 Bass Beat Blues.

14 The Skeleton Getdown.

15 Snakecharmer

16 The Creeper.

17 El Brujo.

18 Lost In Shinjuku

19 Bonfires On The Avenue

20 The Realms Of Shades


To Pre Order ‘Underworld’ Track listing 

CD go to


The Underworld album cover 



UPC: 678 277 235 823

Catalog: TUA007


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