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Communique July 4th The Ginger Wildheart Band &  Hey! Hello!



The Ginger Wildheart Band

Hey! Hello!

hit the road in July





July sees Ginger Wildheart on the road with The Ginger Wildheart Band and Hey!Hello!, with 18 performances in 16 days!


Ginger exclaimed "I can't wait to get onto a bus again and back on the road. 18 shows back to back, bring it on!

After being in the studio for eight months, recording three albums together, this is going to feel like a holiday".


Ginger will be supported at all shows by US power pop titan Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors. Opening the shows at Leeds, Newcastle & Cambridge will be Danny McCormack’s new band, The Main Grains and this is the first time Danny and Ginger have shared a stage in years! In London Ginger’s Hey! Hello! support while

the remaining shows are opened by the UK’s very own rock behemoth Massive Wagons.

Ginger is accompanied on these dates by Toshi (bass), Denzel (drums) and Conny Bloom (lead guitar & vocals).


Hey! Hello! are an ultra-catchy noise pop group and have been creating their first full-length studio album as a band ‘Hey! Hello! Too!’.


T In The Park will give audiences the first opportunity to hear the new music, with  ‘Hey! Hello! Too!’ set to be released on Round Records Records in the near future.


Hey! Hello! describe themselves as ‘Hyper energetic, ultra positive and heavily melodic’ with a punk spirit and a take-no-shit attitude while coming armed with a trick full of great tunes. 


The Hey! Hello! shows will unite everyone by music, involving the audience as much as the band . ‘We can't change the entire world, but we can change our world by using positive thought and actions, and we will spread this message to every pair of ears that we come into contact with.’


Hey!Hello! play pure unadulterated volume driven rock’ n’roll “We're bringing rock n roll back in 2016, and you better believe we mean that 100%.”


Hey! Hello! is - Ai (drums / vocals) the calm one, Toshi (bass)  the resourceful one, The Rev (lead guitar) the cool one and Ginger (rhythm guitar /vocals)  the wise one. 


‘Music is the sound of feelings, and we are all the creators of our own feelings - positive or negative. Hey! Hello! choose to be positive, therefore our music reflects that intention. This is the sound of joy.’


Hey! Hello! official photo




July Tour dates

The Ginger Wildheart band unless stated

9th - 2000Trees Festival (Hey! Hello! & Ginger Acoustic)

10th - T in the Park (Hey! Hello!)

12th - Bristol Exchange

13th - Leicester Musician

14th - Leeds Brudenell

15th - Glasgow Stereo

16th - Aberdeen Underdog

17th - Newcastle Trillians

18th - Manchester Deaf Institute - SOLD OUT

19th - Wolverhampton Slade Rooms

20th - Cambridge Portland Arms - SOLD OUT

21st - Cambridge Portland Arms

22nd - London Brooklyn Bowl (The Ginger Wildheart Band & Hey! Hello!)

23rd - Ramblin’ Man Fair

24th - Steelhouse Festival (Hey! Hello!)


Tickets for all shows are available now from our webstore at




Round Records Records is the new record label from Ginger Wildheart – a home for Hey! Hello!, Mutation, live albums and DVDs from The Wildhearts and more. It’s arguably Ginger’s most ambitious project to date; moving from stand-alone individual releases to a fully-fledged record label. PledgeMusic is proud to be partnering with Ginger and Round Records Records for fans to pre-order new releases and access a host of extra and exclusive offers.

Ginger and PledgeMusic have history. In August 2011, Ginger launched his Triple Album Project via Pledgemusic. The pitch was to record a 30-song triple album and the campaign met with immediate success, hitting 100% of the funding target within six hours of launching. The resulting album released in 2012 in single and triple album format was a huge success for Ginger and won him the Classic Rock magazine ‘Event of the Year’ award. Subsequent projects with PledgeMusic have delivered equally stunning results; the last one being a book entitled ‘Songs & Words’, which featured archive photos and the stories behind Ginger's songs as only Ginger could tell them.

To start things, the Round Records Records launch includes the following;


   •     The Wildhearts - PHUQ Live (released June 3rd)

   •     Hey! Hello! - Hey! Hello! Too! (release date tbc )

   •     Ginger Wildheart - Solo Album Boxset (released 5th August 2016)

   •     Mutation - Mutation III album (released 2nd September 2016)


All the details and more



GINGER WILDHEART communique January 20th
















unveils short film

& releases new album


on February 12th




Ginger Wildheart and Director Mark Haldor unveil a powerful and thought provoking short film to accompany 'Don't Lose Your Tail, Girl’ from Ginger’s  forthcoming new album Year Of The Fanclub  released on February 12th through the Round Records Records label.


Ginger Wildheart explains-  ‘Don't Lose Your Tail, Girl is a feminist song written by a man. I was brought up by strong women and had little positive male influence in my life in comparison. I think this gives me an unbiased view on the opposite sex, by which I mean it's unaffected by the stereotypes supported in magazines aimed at both men and women. 

In the end it's a song about appreciating yourself, giving yourself a break, which seems harder for women in society. 


I wanted Mark to film the movie as I know he has earned strong bonds with the actresses he works with. He also has an eye for beauty beyond heavy make up and posing, which is what a nine minute film really needs. Nine minutes of contorting females would be torturous to watch. He has captured personality and joy, as well as a darker side that is quite disturbing. 


I think the film is a work of art, occasionally uncomfortable to watch, but with a lasting feeling of freedom. 

It's a song about not losing your identity, and the film captures that in the natural beauty of the performances. 


Witness now the unpredictable 9 minute journey that is the  'Don't Lose Your Tail, Girl’  film


Director Mark Haldor wanted to “create a visual stimulus that would not only do the lyrics and eclectic sounds justice, but provoke a look at women, of all ages, races and backgrounds and what they go through in life, both positive and negative. 


My intention was that everyone viewing should be able to resonate with at least one moment from it on a personal level. Whilst shot with many beautiful and talented actresses to tell several stories, the suggestion is that they could also be contrasting snapshots of just one character's life, had she made different life choices. 


It was important to me that there was also no definitive ending to this film or any of the stories told as I wanted people to be left wondering what happens to these characters next? Just as we do with people we know and have known in real life.  A reminder for all to embrace each day and who we are because that's all that truly matters.” 


Ginger’s new album Year Of The Fanclub features  'Don't Lose Your Tail, Girl’ and 11 further songs taken from G*A*S*S (Ginger Associated Secret Society) sessions.


G*A*S*S (Ginger Associated Secret Society) is an immersive subscription, digitally based fanclub platform that saw Ginger delivering  a new 3 track single every month for a year, along with demos and previously unreleased material direct from his personal vaults. 


Tied in with this was an unparalleled (not to mention unfiltered) level of access to Ginger himself with each month giving fans podcasts, Q&A’s, personal diary entries, film reviews  along with a slew of exclusive merchandise options and with the sites stunning array of artwork updated each month.


The G*A*S*S club is still very much available for subscription at




The Year Of The Fanclub  track listing

01       Down The Dip.

02       Honour.                                 featuring Courtney Love

03       El Mundo (Slow Fatigue)

04       The Last Day Of Summer.

05       Only Henry Rollins Can Save Us Now.

06       The Pendine Incident.

07       Do You?                   

08       If You Find Yourself In London Town.

09       Toxins & Tea.

10       No One Smiled At Me Today.

11       Ostracide.

12       Don’t Lose Your Tail, Girl.


Label: Round Records Records

Cat No.: RRRCD555

Barcode: 5055300388179


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