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Communique 28th August  / CJ Wildheart new album 


CJ WIldheart 

new album



October 20th












On 20th October CJ Wildheart proudly releases his new studio album, ‘Blood’, a riot of sound all held together through force of conviction, on Devilspit Records. 


With a punk spirit and a truck full of great tunes, the cathartic Blood pulsates with a bounding energy.  The contrast between the sheen and tooth-shaking sound on Blood’s 10 incisive and crystalline tracks will leave the listener reeling.


Watch now the first video Kiss It, which packs a ferocious punch and as CJ explains “Sometimes you just got to man up and apologise for your wrong doings. Kiss it!” :- 


The album was produced by Dave Draper and CJ, who played all the instruments, except drums provided by Jason Bowld (Pitch Shifter, Bullet For My Valentine).


Blood is an insouciant blast of punk rock angst, all brought together with melody and riffs. Opener  “Tea Leaf” sets the tone and lets you know right away that CJ isn’t messing around, the following nine songs include a cover of Weezer’s Tired Of Sex. Every song on Blood hits with immediacy and quickly feels like music you’ve known for years, while CJ’s wickedly humorous lyrics permeate throughout the album. 


Blood’s heavy sound is partially attributed to CJ’s ill health, caused by a severe bout of food poisoning, resulting in two operations ‘I recorded this album in constant pain so that pushed me to make an album where I could just vent and let stuff out.” While the raw honesty of Blood’s lyrics stem from “letting out the negative emotions that were bothering me.” 


CJ sounds as spirited and aggressive as ever and Blood is everything you could hope for from this distinctive and talented artist.


Primal. Gigantic. Loud as cannons. Blood is all of these things.


To pre-order Blood go to :


Blood track listing 

1. Tea Leaf.

2. Gutless.

3. Lazybones.

4. Beak.

5. 50 percent Indian. 

6. Tired Of Sex.

7. Kiss It. 

8. Plastic Invasion.

9. Itch.

10. Lost In The Game.


cat number : DEVILSPIT004 


Blood album artwork

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