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Bevis Frond



from  new album 




Nick Saloman's cult psych band Bevis Frond release ‘Backanile’ from their new album, Example 22 on their own Woronzow Records. 


‘Backanile’ is an uncharacteristically straight pop song taken from Example 22  a psychedelic masterpiece with gorgeous lush overtones. Feted by many,The Bevis Frond’s Nick Saloman, is an artist of singular vision whose staunch devotion to the spirit of vintage psychedelia continues to evolve with each release.


Nick explains that with Example 22 ‘there's a bit more emphasis on the band. Many of my previous records have been solo projects, but the current line-up works so well together that I think it has shifted the focus a bit from me to the whole band. I mean I still write all the songs, and I suppose I still call the shots (in a benign dictator sort of fashion), but I feel that this album is more of a band effort.’


Example 22 was recorded in 9 days at Gold Dust with Nick (vocals, guitars & keyboards) joined by band members Paul Simmonds: guitar, Adrian Shaw: bass, & Dave Pearce: drums.


Nick’s lyrical honesty, humour and understanding of the human condition are evident throughout Example 22  with songs dealing with “Getting older, general human hubris, attitudes, architecture, and how women seem to be treated badly by guys.’  


This quintessentially English album sees them continue to evolve on their unique path. Bevis Frond’s irresistible Example 22 is weird and wonderful album and should be cherished in today’s world.


Bevis Frond tour extensively and have played Glastonbury for the last 2 years. They will playing Europe this Autumn, be sure to witness them live.  


Example 22 Track Listing

01 Are We Nearly There Yet.

02 Waiting For Sinatra.

03 Longships. 

04 I Blame The Rain. 

05 Hot Sauce Or Nothing. 

06 Where Is Egon Schiele.

07 Winter Breaks

08 Pale Blue Blood 

09 Blackanile.

10 Come With Us.

11 Stand Back From The Handle.

12 Second Son.

13 Vital Signs.

14 Manual Labour

15 Down Here.. 

16 Well


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