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release ‘For God's Sake EP’

& video




Kienzl & Lusty release ‘For God’s Sake EP’ on Fabrique Records on September 22nd and it is accompanied by a video for the lead track ‘Well’


Kienzl & Lusty are Markus Kienzl and Alex Lusty.  Markus Kienzl is a founding member and key figure of the Vienna-based electronic dub collective Sofa Surfers. In 2013 he teamed up with UK rap artist Alex Lusty (Happy Martyr, Acarine) to form Kienzl & Lusty.


Bass as big as intergalactic portals; metallic industrial-sounding dub episodes and alarmingly rocking beats: welcome to the world of Markus Kienzl. The Sofa Surfers, Kienzl’s mother ship band-wise, had their big moment in the nineties: tricky yet grooving beats matched with filmic soundscapes and sprinklings of dub; musicians playing quasi-club sounds live – this kind of thing was hard to come by. The Sofa UFO took off with masterful ease, followed by tours and licensing right around the globe. Life in a sleeper bus? Done. Dishing up a track for Apple's OS X 10 operating system? Done. At the time of writing this the band have made it up to six albums.


Developing a life of his own. At the same time Kienzl was constantly refining tracks of his own. The albums 'Product' (2005) and 'Density '(2009) along with several EPs showcase a style that clearly crystallises dark, urgent basslines, industrial rhythm fragments, fat, occasionally trip hop-like beats and hypnotic vocals. Yet this is just one side of a sometimes scary coin: he displays an equally good knack for captivating melodies and exciting chord progressions. On the other hand, connoisseurs of racing video games may find his song Dundy Lion sounds familiar – it was licensed to the cult publisher Rockstar Games USA as the main title track for 'Midnight Club LA'. Being a bit of a gamer at heart, that part of Markus was really chuffed.


Zoom into the present. Now, in precisely this moment, Kienzl is further moulding his definition of music; in Autumn 2013 he teamed up with UK rap artist Alex Lusty (known from bands as Acarine or Happy Martyr, a project by Lusty together with Morrisseys songwriter and musical director Boz Boorer) to form Kienzl & Lusty. A full length album is planned for late 2014.


 For God’s Sake Track listing:



I Think.



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