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Bill Reynolds (Band Of Horses) 

Unveil debut video 




“Let’s get together and make a damn mess.” That’s how Bill Reynolds describes being asked to join Bassh, the new project started by Jimmy Brown and CJ Hardee of Matrimony. The Nashville-based trio have  created an unexpected, brooding new sound and  indulge now in their debut video ‘Body’ 


This insidious pop treat ‘Body,’ opens with a dubby bass line before exploding into a huge chorus.  Brown and Hardee exchange lead vocal duties on the verses, and the bridge’s repeated refrain of “change is coming” sucks the listener in before the song kicks back into the chorus. “The song is about trapped emotions clogging your body,” says Brown, “knowing something deep in your bones and knowing that something's got to give.”


‘Body’ is available now as a free download -


Bassh recorded ‘Body’ and their forthcoming album  in Reynolds' Fleetwood Shack studio in Nashville, and they recorded it quickly. The trio did not consult outside sources as they recorded; they recorded the songs as they wanted to hear them.


“When we were recording” says Reynolds, who is also a member of Band of Horses as well as being a GRAMMY-nominated producer for artists including the Avett Brothers, Lissie, BoH and more. “we just kept pushing until we were laughing or someone in the room hated it.  We didn’t think we were getting anywhere unless at least one person was feeling uncomfortable.”


Bassh’s surroundings have played an instrumental role in their sound.  "I've always been drawn to Nashville.” says Brown. “It’s a mystical place coming from Ireland. Right from day one of tracking this record I knew I had to move to here, the energy is infectious and I feel very fortunate to be a part of this new thing that's happening here.”



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